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How we teach mathematics 

A secure understanding of number, numerical patterns and shape, space and measure is essential for our children for both academic success and lifelong knowledge. Through an ambitious and engaging curriculum offer we give our children the knowledge, language and spark mathematical curiosity that will set them up to flourish in school and beyond.


Our children gain a strong foundation in mathematical understanding through play, exploration, and practical activities. They learn to count using songs, number rhymes and the use of concrete objects. They learn to subitise through looking at number represented by dots (for example on dice) and begin to group numbers. Through everyday activities children learn to count objects, actions, and sounds and can compare quantities understanding the concept of more and less.

Maths Everywhere

We strive to make maths meaningful for our children and are mindful to keep activities practical and fun. It is very easy to jump straight to number when we think of maths but our staff are experts in building upon firm foundations, first understanding the importance of sorting, classifying, measuring and comparing. We use familiar resources and equipment to ensure that children experience real life mathematical problem solving.

Numerical Patterns

Children benefit from strong foundation skills. We ensure they’re confident with sorting and classifying before moving onto counting and looking at number patterns. We offer children opportunities to explore pattern in a range of ways through games and activities that involve classifying, sorting, and matching. These opportunities are seized both indoor and out and we ensure that children can look for patterns in nature alongside comparing and grouping natural objects.

Supportive Environment

  • Areas of the environment are designed to support children to measure in age-appropriate ways; scales in the mud kitchen and measuring tapes in construction areas.

  • Number songs and rhymes are carefully planned to provide an interactive, fun way to teach maths.

  • Staff receive training on using correct mathematical vocabulary so they can seize opportune teachable moments

Shape, Space, and Measures

We provide regular opportunities for children to have first-hand experiences when exploring shapes and find everyday contexts to teach measures. Children learn comparative measures such as ‘heavy and light’ and ‘tall and short’ through direct comparison of objects and people. They begin to learn the concept of time through becoming familiar with the daily routine. Areas of the environment are designed to support the exploration of a range of measures.

Family Involvement

  • We share what children are learning in maths through catch up calls/MarvellousMe and the daily report often suggest ways to support maths learning at home.

  • We provide a recorded presentation sharing how we teach maths at school.

  • We share mathematical key vocabulary so that you can use the same language at home.

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