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Belief's & Promises 

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Our Federation name 'roots’ originates from the driving belief that the Foundation Years 0-5 are integral to the lifelong success of future education. When effective learning behaviours are established and children develop self-belief and perseverance they have the skills to grow in knowledge and become school ready. 

Our schools work together with shared leadership, expertise, resources and efficiencies and deliver an excellent education within a supportive and nurturing environment. We see ourselves as a central community hub and strive to provide equitable access to education, opportunities, resources and support for all. We are committed to developing innovative curriculums, empowering and delivering excellence within each of the local communities that we serve. 

Our Shared Philosophy:

We believe that:

  • Continuous professional development which enhances shared expertise 

  • Working together for the benefit of all children across the Federation.  

  • Educational excellence for the Early Years  

  • Community is the heart of the school 

  • Education is the key to success 

  • Development is the core to improvement 

We promise that children in Roots Federation will:   

  • Feel welcome, valued and safe 

  • Develop academic and social skills that prepare them for future success 

  • Have fun whilst fostering an intrinsic love of learning 

  • Respect and celebrate everyone’s similarities and differences 

  • Build lasting, healthy relationships and support networks 

  • Engage with and contribute substantially to their local community 

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