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Inclusion and Diversity

Children’s early years shape how they see themselves and others long into the future. At Heath Lane, we create a culture where they feel completely safe and accepted, whatever their background. Our practitioners help children understand, embrace and celebrate differences, so they become citizens of the world who want to change society for the better.

How We Promote Equality and Diversity

Diverse Resources

Song and Games

Self Acceptance

Our books, learning tools, dress up and small world toys challenge stereotypes and reflect a broad cross-section of society. For example, children play with dolls from a range of ethnic groups, and hear stories about different genders, nationalities and family set ups.

We use circle time to talk about the differences between children’s backgrounds, lives and families. We share songs, activities, ideas and objects from varied languages and cultures, helping children celebrate diversity.

Accepting others starts with accepting yourself. So the environment at Heath Lane supports children’s self esteem - we ensure they feel safe to be themselves, express their emotions, take risks and get things wrong. Children at Heath Lane feel happy and confident in their own skin.

Mutual Respect

All children learn how to be respectful, empathic and kind towards others. We encourage them to take turns, share ideas, vote for things in nursery and think about others’ feelings and emotions. All these skills will help them be an accepting, non-judgemental person in later life.

Skilled Practitioners

All our practitioners are trained to challenge inequality and bigotry directly. They’re aware of how discrimination can crop up more subtly in books, language choice and actions.

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