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Information sharing 

Our Approach 

At Heath Lane, we see parents as a child’s first and most important teacher. Collaborating with you is a core part of our approach to education. We always share information in a way that enhances children's growth and wellbeing.

Research shows that children develop through rich interactions with skilled adults. So our practitioners spend their time in session engaging and staying present with your child. They’re trained to seize teachable moments, model new skills and encourage safe risks. This way, your child builds strong relationships and gets plenty of chances to learn.

Then, when practitioners are out of session, they record and share quality information with you so you have oversight and can reinforce learning at home.

How we share information with you...


Your Child

Your Keygroup

We share information about your child through:

  • Fortnightly catch up calls with your child’s key person

  • Termly individual reports

We share information about your child’s key group through:

  • Daily group board

  • Daily email report

  • Weekly MarvellousMe! reading book, vocabulary and story map

The School

We share information about the whole school through:

  • Weekly emails

  • Weekly newsletters

  • Weekly Facebook updates

  • Half termly information presentations

  • Website

To find out more about how we collaborate with you, and the reasons for our approach, take a look at our Communications Strategy.

Heath Lane Branding Board-21.png
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