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Learning Journals

Our Ethos on Gathering information and Supporting Learning

At Heath Lane we have moved away from producing more traditional learning journals and instead have developed strategies that we believe will have a greater impact on your child’s learning. These strategies are:

  • Dedicating all of our time in the sessions to staying ‘in the moment’ with your child
  • Regularly communicating with you as their first educator


We believe that children thrive best when they receive rich interactions with highly skilled adults. All of our adults are tasked with one thing during child initiated play-and that is to play alongside the children. Whilst they do this they are doing the following:

  • Questioning and invoking curiosity
  • Modelling new skills
  • Demonstrating how to take risks
  • Suggesting alternate choices


Our staff are seizing teachable moments and moving learning forward, encouraging skill development through rich play.

During sessions

Rather than take photos and/or make notes our staff immerse themselves in supporting/modelling/joining rich play and they are always ‘in the moment.’ They seize teachable moments to move learning forward and are always available for children-never frantically writing up a note or asking children to wait. This results in highly engaged children and rich learning experiences.

Catch ups!

All research shows that the one factor that will have the biggest impact on outcomes for a child is the home learning environment. We firmly believe that if we develop a strong partnership with you, the parent, and have an ongoing dialogue about your child then their outcomes will be a strong as possible!

Rather than spend time out of class collating retrospective information we use information purposefully by sharing with you! We aim to have regular ‘catch ups’. We share what we have observed, noticed, celebrated about your child and ask you to do likewise. We ask you to guide us in how best to support your child and we suggest strategies and resources we use at Nursery that could be useful at home. This partnership and regular information sharing is very powerful in ensuring ongoing, targeted support for your child.

‘The phone calls with the key person meant that I always knew how he was doing-this was useful as he never told me what he did at school! It also gave me lots of ideas about how I could help at home. Really doable things like games and busy fingers that I would not have known about. Thanks!’

Marley’s Mum

Termly Summaries

At the end of each term we will share with you a snapshot of how your child is doing. There should be no surprises on this summary; our regular catch ups should keep you well informed. These summaries are simply that; a summary of achievement across the term and targets for the next term.

We are sure that you will agree that this approach will ensure that you are always well informed about your child and know how best to support your child and promote progress!

We are very much looking forward to working in partnership with you to ensure that your child thrives.

Hayley Yendell