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Prime Areas of Learning

Communication and Language

  • Listening and Attention: Children learn to listen to each other and adults individually and in small and large groups. They listen and join in with stories and rhymes every day with enjoyment and relevant responses.
  • Understanding: Children develop understanding of language through their play and exploration they respond to questions, they explore, predict, explain, describe… They learn to follow instructions to extend their learning.
  • Speaking: Children are given a rich range of real experiences and activities to talk about. They take part in planning and recall activities enabling them to talk about past experiences and plan the future.

Physical Development

  • Moving and Handling: learning and improving skills of co-ordination, control, manipulation and movement in large and small movements e.g. climbing, jumping and using pencils and scissors.
  • Health and self-care: Children learn about the importance of good health, physical exercise and healthy diet. They enjoy the outdoor environment every day including a wide range of play activities and welly walks. They will learn to manage their own hygiene and personal needs, e.g. hand washing and healthy snacks.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

  • Making relationships: Heath Lane Nursery School provides a happy, safe and secure environment where children feel valued and respected. Children form positive relationships and learn to work and play together cooperatively.
  • Self-confidence and self awareness: Heath Lane Nursery School provides an environment where children grow in independence and are excited about learning. They will learn to speak in a group, to express their ideas and to make choices.
  • Managing feelings and behaviour: Children learn about their emotions and the feelings of others. They will be supported to show appropriate behaviour, turn take and share.