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Mrs Pauline Kirtley

Mrs Pauline Kirtley 1

Welcome to Heath Lane Nursery School and Children’s Club. As Headteacher of this Nursery, I feel very privileged to be leading a team of qualified teachers and early years practitioners who will be dedicated in supporting your children to feel happy and safe, enabling them to reach their highest potential.   The governors, staff and I look forward to working in partnership with you to ensure exciting and challenging learning opportunities for your child. We aim to foster a positive attitude to learning which your child will be able to build on during their time in our Nursery and prepare them as they move to a Reception Class in a school.


We follow the national developmentally appropriate curriculum called the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This play based curriculum supports the needs and interests of young children as well as providing new opportunities for them socially.  All staff are skilled at assessing individual needs of all children and planning next steps for them.   We know that parents and carers are the first educators and it is important to us that we work together to support your children in all areas of their development. 


Our purpose built nursery school offers full and part-time nursery education for 80 three and four year old children. The accommodation consists of a spacious,  well-equipped room with two home bays providing free-flow access to high quality outdoor learning. The Children’s Club provides term-time places for children the term after their third birthday and places for three to 8 year olds during the school holidays. 


We welcome offers of help from parents (and grandparents) through the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and where possible, in the classroom. We really benefit from your own knowledge and expertise.


We have an open door policy and staff are always available to share information with you at the beginning and end of sessions or by phone.


I look forward to working closely with you and supporting your children in experiencing a very happy year in our Nursery.


Pauline Kirtley