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Sessions Offered

Heath Lane Nursery School provides, both morning and afternoon sessions.


Most 15 hour funded children attend either:


5 morning sessions:-  8.30am to 11.30am


5 afternoons sessions:- 12.30pm to 3.30pm.


15-Hour Funded Place

Heath Lane Nursery School and Children’s Club offers parents the option of taking their 15 hours funded entitlement over fewer than 5 days. Places are limited and priority will be given to parents who are working or attending college.


30-Hour Funded Place

The school offers a number of 30-hour funded places. Heath Lane currently offers 2 models, either accessing the hours over 4 or 5 days. The 30 hours are accessed across the two settings. Additional sessions can be paid for to extend the school day. Please speak with the Admin Staff in the Office for further details of the 2 models we offer. 



Children staying for the whole day can either bring a packed lunch to school, or a cooked lunch (Vegetarian option available also) this can be provided at a cost of £2.25 per day (price correct for the academic year 2018/19). Some families may be eligible for free school meals. For further information about Free School Meals please telephone 0300 123 4048, or speak to Mrs Deane or Miss Bates in the school office for advice.


The children are able to eat at small tables supported by an adult and enjoy delicious home cooked healthy meals.


Wraparound Attendance and Ad-Hoc sessions

Parents can access additional fee-paying sessions at our Children's Club, even as a one off occurrence on an Ad-Hoc basis. This enables parents to temporarily or permanently  increase the hours their child attends nursery by adding fee-paying sessions to their funded education at the nursery. Children are walked between the two buildings via a pathway by members of staff.


Heath Lane Children's Club is open from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm , Monday to Thursday, and 8.00 am to 3.30 pm on a Friday, 50 weeks per year. Children can attend on a fee-paying basis from their 3rd birthday. The term after a child's 3rd birthday they can access 15 hours of funded education at our Children's Club.






If your child attends sessions outside of their 15 or 30 hour provision

  • Breakfast: 8am-8.30am           £3.75 per session
  • Morning:       8.30am-11.30am                        £18.00 per session
  • Lunch:          11.30am-12.30pm                          £5.00 per session
  • Afternoon:   12.30pm-3.30pm                          £18.00 per session
  • After school:  3.30pm-5.30pm                          £13.50 per session
  • After School (1 hour only) 3.30pm - 4.30 pm    £7.50 per session
  • Ad-hoc sessions must be paid in advance.
  • The lunch time session can  only be booked where children are taking a morning and afternoon session.
  • Children who are attending the Children’s Club all day will be able to have a cooked lunch (depending on availability).
  • Please note that as from the Summer 2019 Term starting on Tuesday, 23rd April there will be a daily charge of 75p towards the cost of food/drink for the Breakfast Club. Any additional sibling with receive a 10% discount.