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Home Learning

‘The quality of the home learning environment is more important for a child’s intellectual and social development than parental occupation, education or income.’  Sylva et al 2004

At Heath Lane one of our key priorities is to develop strong partnerships between school and home.  As parents you are a child’s first, and most important, educator.  You are an expert on your child; we are experts in delivering early education.  We will listen carefully to the information you share about your child.  In return we will support you with developing the home learning environment through sharing what we have seen in school, suggesting activities and sign posting resources.  Effective collaboration will ensure that we maximise the achievement of your child.  We will provide the following to support home learning:

Catch ups: Your child’s key person will contact you regularly and let you know what your child has achieved in school and how to support and promote achievement in the home.

Zoom Information Presentations (ZIPS): Recorded Zoom information sessions will be sent out each half term. They are designed to:

  • Share what we do in school to support your child.
  • Give suggestions for ways to support at home.
  • Identify key vocabulary.
  • Respond to parental questions regarding provision.

Do let us know if there is a particular area of learning or school life that you would like further information about.  Previously we have sent out ZIPs on ‘What we do at Nursery’, ‘Developing Early Maths’ and ‘Developing Early Reading’.

Weekly Newsletter: We will keep you up to date with what is happening in the nursery and we always endeavour to include a suggested activity for home and give ideas for a home learning activity for your child to try.

Story Sack Library: We provide a large number of story sacks that can be borrowed to take home. Every fortnight your child will have the opportunity to take one home. These sacks contain a high quality text, props and resources to enrich reading and encourage storytelling and a guide to how to use them effectively.

Book Shed: Outside the Nursery is a book shed that provides the opportunity for the whole family to borrow a book. The shed contains books for nursery children, books for older siblings and books for grown-ups! The shed is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Just keep reading!

A home library: Across the year we will provide 5 books for children that they can keep at home to create a home library. Each book will come with guidance of how you can bring the book alive and activities you can carry out at home. There will also be a Zoom Information Presentation (ZIP!) sent out of a member of staff reading the story for your child to watch at home.

Home learning packs: We have developed busy fingers packs and other learning packs that can be borrowed and taken home to support with specific areas of development.

Remote Learning during lockdown:  In the event of school closure for a significant period of time we will revert to our remote curriculum offer.  This will include:

  • a daily challenge which will be linked to an area of our curriculum
  • a recorded Zoom Story
  • a recorded Zoom adult led session

Please send in any pictures of your children whilst participating in these activities.