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Our Governing Body

About Heath Lane's Governing Body


We have an enthusiastic and committed Governing Body, made up of parents, staff, representatives of the Local Authority and members of the wider community.
The Head Teacher, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of Heath Lane Nursery School and Children's Club, is appointed by the Governing Body and works closely with them.


The Governing Body’s core responsibilities can be summarised as:

• Acting as a “critical friend” by being supportive and challenging
• Providing strategic management
• Ensuring accountability
• Promoting high standards of education and achievement
• Planning the long term future of our Heath Lane Nursery School
• Formulating our aims and policies
• Appointing senior members of staff including the Head Teacher
• Overseeing how the budget is spent


Structure and Remit of the Governing Body


In addition to the full governing body meetings our governing body has two further committees.  There is a Resources Committee and a PR/Curriculum Committee. 


The instrument of government came into effect on 20 November 2015 and was made by order of Hertfordshire County Council.


The governing body consists of:-

  • 2 Parent Governors
  • 1 LA Governor
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • 1 Headteacher
  • 4 Co-Opted Governors


Total number of Governors is 9.  There are currently 2 vacancies: 1 for a co-opted governor (as of 1 January 2017) and 1 for a Parent Governor (October 2017).


1) Resources Committee


The Resources Committee monitors the impact and overall financial stability of the Nursery School and Club.


The committee, comprising five governors and the Headteacher, oversees the schools budget/finances, pay policy and ensures that procedures are in place for dealing with any staff grievances or issues of discipline. In addition, it works with the Headteacher in making arrangements for staff appointments and in maintaining the general welfare of the staff.


During the year the committee has met on three occasions, once each term with an extra meeting to ratify the school budget for the next financial year. One of the key issues discussed has again been the efficient and effective Performance Management of all staff and ensuring this is implemented across the both settings at the nursery. 


Overall finances are sound and the agreed expenditure is met for the coming year. However, in these times of continued uncertainty, we are mindful that forward planning is critical.  In light of our Budgetary Audit in 2016 all governors received training from Herts for Learning, to support Medium Term Planning.  Spring Term 2018 the governors will receive training on Health and Safety.


The majority of the budget is committed to staffing which is consistent with our commitment to deliver and give children the best possible learning opportunities.


The building remains generally in a good state of repair with regular attention to safety and maintenance. 


Agenda items have included:

  • Regular budget reports

  • Buildings and Maintenance

  • Health and Safety issues

  • Staffing

  • Policies

  • Performance Management

  • Resources

  • Ofsted Inspections


2) PR/Curriculum Committee


During the year at its three meetings, the committee has received reports from the Headteacher. These have been discussed and recommendations made concerning all aspects of the curriculum and community relations.


Agenda items have included:

  • Home visits
  • School Development Plan
  • Data concerning children’s progress
  • Children with special educational needs
  • Children who have English as an additional language (EAL)
  • Staff training (developing language and literacy)
  • Support Visitors (Educational Psychologists, EAL support)
  • Looked after children
  • Forest Schools
  • Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum
  • Community Involvement
  • Governor Training
  • Performance Management
  • Policies relevant to this committee
  • The learning environment
  • British Values
  • Child Protection


Forest School continues to provide exciting outdoor challenges for children and is very popular.


We are proud that our Centre is a diverse community providing education and care for children from the UK, Asia, Africa and Europe. Children learn from each other and value similarities and differences which all contribute to a rich and varied educational experience. They have been able to taste foods, listen to other languages and share traditions and celebrations. For some of the children, English is not their first language. A member of staff has  a specific role to support these children and to help them develop their understanding and use of English.


In accordance with the revised Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs, the governors and staff have policies in place for the identification, assessment and provision for these children. The Centre has worked closely with parents and specialists to support these children and the governors have regularly monitored this provision. Mrs Kirtley, as a recognised Early Years Practitioner with experience as a consultant with Hertfordshire, has visited other schools within the county as an Early Years Foundations Stage Profile Moderator, supporting schools in their judgement of children’s achievements.


Relevant Business and Pecuniary Interests


None of our governors have declared any business or pecuniary interests.  Governors are asked on a termly basis, as an agenda item at each of the Full Governing Body meetings.



Full Governing Body Meetings 2017/18


Autumn Term 2017 - Tuesday 14 November 2017

Spring Term 2018 - Tuesday 6 February 2018

Summer Term 2018 - Tuesday 8 May 2018

Summer Term 2018 - Tuesday 3 July 2018


Budget Ratification Meeting by Full Governing Body - Thursday 24 May 2018



Governor Training Log

Heath Lane Governor Training Log 2017/18





Judy Davies  (Chair of Governors)


Service Term: 31.8.17 - 30.8.21

Register of Interests: None

Member of: Resources & PR/Curriculum Committee (Chair)

Attendance at meetings over last academic year, 2016/17 : 8 out of 8




Helen Mutio


Service Term: 4.11.14 - 3.11.18

Register of Interests: None

Member of: Resources Committee & Governor with responsibility for Safeguarding and Health & Safety

Attendance at meetings over last academic year, 2016/17 : 6 out of 6







Adrian Rochford (Vice-Chair) 


Register of Interests: None

Service Term: 25.11.16 - 24.11.20

Member of: Resources Committee

Attendance at meetings over last academic year, 2016/17 : 3 out of 4



Parent Governor - Vacancy






Jennifer Wulf


Service Term: 1.1.17 - 31.12.20

Register of Interests: None

Member of: PR/Curriculum Committee & Governor with responsibility for SEN

Attendance at meetings over last academic year, 2016/17 : 2 out of 3


Personal Statement

I have over 20 years experience as a Community Paediatrician working with children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) including autistic spectrum disorders. The majority of my work was with the under fives and I worked with their nurseries and carers on a one to one basis to diagnose any issues and to advise about appropriate on-going support and education. A vital part of this role was advocating for these children, and  I collaborated closely with families, schools, Social Services and the police and justice systems.

I have been both a Parent Governor at my daughters' school and a Co-Opted Governor and Deputy Chairperson at a Senior School in Watford. This experience has given me a good understanding of the requirements for effective governance of Heath Lane in order to maintain its good reputation and high standards and continue to improve these going forward. I hope to work closely with the other governors, the school staff and the school headteacher and  SENCO (Mrs Kirtley) to ensure comprehensive support for children with SEN.






Tracy Humphrey - School Business Manager  


Register of Interests: Member of Staff on SLT

Service Term: 1.10.17 - 30.9.20

Member of: Resources Committee (Chair)

Attendance at meetings over last academic year, 2016/17 : 5 out of 6


Personal Statement

I have worked at Heath Lane Nursery School  for over 20 years. Before having my children I was a Business Analyst for an IT company, and after having the children worked on a part-time basis as an Office Manager for a local company before joining the nursery as a School Secretary.  When my children were younger I was also a parent governor, and member of the PTA, at my children's local primary school.  I have been a Staff Governor  at Heath Lane for 4 years.


In 2012 I successfully completed my Certificate of School Business Management (CSBM).  In my role as Business Manager I am responsible for Human Resources, Health & Safety and Finance, and of course, Safeguarding underpins everything that we do.  I am a member of the Hertfordshire School Business Management Forum which provides great support and a broader perspective of what is happening in education.





Melissa Haynes - Children's Club Manager


Register of Interests: None

Service Term: 9.3.16 - 8.3.20

Member of: PR/Curriculum Committee

Attendance at meetings over last academic year, 2016/17 : 4 out of 4






Pauline Kirtley - Headteacher/Head of Centre


Service Term: 1.9.09 -

Register of Interests: None

Member of: Resources & PR/Curriculum Committee

Attendance at meetings over last academic year, 2016/17 : 8 out of 8







Fiona Collins


The governor committees prepare and make recommendations to the full Governing Body, who meet at least three times a year.

Election of One Parent Governor - 10th November 2017