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I wrote to all parents in September regarding the difficult decision the Governing Body had made to change the top age limit for our after school club.


In the last year the after school club has become increasingly popular and we are now finding it difficult to accommodate our nursery parents when they require full day provision.  It is with this in mind that commencing 1 January 2016 the after school club will only be available to nursery age children and those in Reception year at Primary School.


Following the initial notification I have had several meetings and consultations with parent to ensure that alternative provision could be available for those families affected.  I had agreed that until such provision was in place I would continue to maintain the 11 year top age limit until July 2016, latest.


However, I am pleased to confirm that having worked closely with Mrs Bourn, Headteacher at South Hill Primary School, alternative provision will be available commencing January 2016 at South Hill School. 


I would therefore like to clarify that commencing 1 January 2016 our after school club will be available for nursery age children and those in Reception year at primary school.


Our holiday club will continue to run throughout the year, with the exception of the Christmas Holiday, providing care for children aged 3-8 years inclusive.


Yours sincerely


Mrs Kirtley




Following consultation with parents last year, Heath Lane Nursery School & Children's Club trialled an earlier start time for our Breakfast Club.  Commencing September 2014 Breakfast Club has been open from 7.30am instead of 8am.


After a recent review of the trial and consultation with staff and governors, it has been decided to revert back to an 8am start for Breakfast Club, commencing September 2015.


Considerations have had to include:-

  • Difficulty in covering staff on annual leave/training/sickness.  An earlier start time has made it very difficult to get staff cover at short notice, even by agency staff.
  • Preparing the car park and paths for safe access of children and parents during bad weather conditions. 
  • Take up of the earlier start time has been limited with very few children starting at 7.30am.


As a school we are always looking to support our families and I hope that this decision will not impact too heavily on those wishing to access our Breakfast Club.  Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss this further.


Mrs Kirtley